The Metaverse is taking over – are you ready?

I have a big passion for immersive tech and XR experiences.

I think that the Metaverse is applicable for both customer related solutions but also to enhance the employer experience. The “Modern Workplace” is stepping into the “Metaverse Workplace”.

When you think about it – the web experience of today is oftentimes a digital version of a broschure or a catalogue. It’s a 2D experience. But what if instead of looking at a brands website you would step into it’s digital world?

As a UX designer with a certificate in UX for XR, my approach into these projects is to understand the feelings and ways of the user. How does the user take part in this solution we’ve deleveloped? What tonality issues are causing misunderstandings for the user? And in the end, how does these misunderstandings affect the user’s view of the entire brand?

Book my Inspirational Talk

In my talk called “The Digital Experiences of Tomorrow” I invite to take part in the emerging tech of today and what’s to come. We dive into topics like Metaverse, AI generated media and more. And of course we also try some hands-on testing.

Metaverse Workplace

Do you use MS Teams for collaboration? If you are interested in how your Modern Workplace can become a Metaverse Workplace, I would be happy to help you along the journey.